The Lincolnshire Athletics Association is Responsible for Athletics in Lincolnshire

  • Tuesday, Aug 11, 2020

The Lincolnshire Athletics Association, shortened to the LAA, is the athletics governing body for Lincolnshire. Whenever anyone at an athletics club from the county of Lincolnshire comes across an issue, then they can get in touch with the LAA. However, it must be stressed here that in order to communicate with the LAA, you need to be a member of a club.


What Athletics Clubs Can You Find in Lincolnshire?

Those who are living in Lincolnshire and enjoy their athletics have an abundance of athletics clubs that they can choose to join. We have listed them below for you, so that you can choose the one that is closest to you.

  • Boston and District AC
  • Grimsby Harriers AC
  • Grantham Running Club
  • Grantham and District AC
  • Nene Valley Harriers
  • Peterborough AC
  • Rutland Running and Triathlon Club
  • Thorney Running Club
  • Scunthorpe and District Athletic Club

How to Enroll at One of These Clubs

There is nothing more annoying than a complicated signing up process - this is something that we are probably all happy to agree on. Therefore, you will be happy to find out that enrolling at one of the aforementioned athletics clubs is a pretty simple procedure. All you need to do is go to the club (the exact location is easy to find on Google maps) and inform a member of staff that you would like to become a member. They will then help you through the registration process and you will be a member of that club before long.

There will usually be an annual fee that you have to pay, but it is usually a reasonable amount and will not leave a big hole in your wallet. The annual fee that you and all other members pay will go towards the cost of organizing athletics events with the LAA. At these events you will be given energy snacks and water to keep your energy levels up and your body hydrated and, as you know, nothing in life is for free.

When there are no athletics events on, the aforementioned clubs will provide regular training sessions throughout the week to make sure that you are as fit as you can be when a big event does come around. Of course, when the clubs do not have any of their own training sessions running, you are free to head on over and make use of their facilities whenever they are open.


Anyone Can Join

The great thing about the clubs that we mentioned above is that they do not discriminate. No matter how old you are or what your athletic capabilities are, they will welcome you to their club with welcome arms. Even if you are disabled, they will welcome you and they will even organise athletic events for those who have a disability. So, if you have a disability, you do not have to worry about being left out. You do not have to be a top British athlete to join.

They Have Fantastic Facilities

Sometimes you will encounter an athletics club and soon realise that they facilities that they offer their members are really poor. However, we guarantee that you do not need to worry about any such thing with the clubs that we listed above as the LAA makes sure that the services that they offer are all up to scratch. All the clubs above have great clubhouses and changing facilities for female and male members. To add to this, they have very good catering facilities as well, so after a long session of training, you can replenish your energy and warm yourself up with some hot food and drinks.